Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology

Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology (EEF)

  • The UMR (Joint Research Unit) EEF (Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology) develops programs for research on interactions between environmental factors, operation, growth of trees and on species distribution and their evolution in time and space.
  • A strong theme of the UMR EEF is the study of the effects of environmental constraints should they be contemporary (drought, excess moisture, temperature, air pollution…) or future, as related to global changes.
  • UMR EEF is composed of three scientific teams and two technical platforms, each of them including INRA staff and academics :
  • «Physiology and diversity of the response to constraints» team
  • «Integrated functioning of the tree and ecosystem» team
  • «Forest plant ecology» team
  • «Functional ecology» (isotopy, microscopy, analysis) Technical platform
  • «SIG and databases»Technical platform
  • The UMR EEF is located in two sites : the Champenoux campus and the Faculty of Science and Technology in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.
  • Students of the Doctoral School RP2E (Science and Engineering of Resources, Products, Processes and Environment) can prepare their PhD at EEF and students of Master FAGE (Forest, Agronomy and Environment Management) can prepare their Master thesis in our lab.