Comic, Anime and Manga Society Association

  • The AEBAM (Comic, Anime and Manga Society)is a student organisation of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies which reunites students interested by the Japanese culture and comics. We offer over twenty different series, some of them bought by the organisation and others on loan, all available for free on-site access to all our members. Several board games are available in our premises to pass the time at midday. On a monthly basis, we provide screenings of Japanese animated movies or movies in connection with the comic-strip/comic/manga, as well as role-playing games. Finally, various drinks and foods (sodas, chips, noodles…) are also available for our members at discount prices.
  • Membership for the society is €5.00 for the whole academic year. We are open in the week 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Feel free to visit us if you want to spend some time reading or simply unwind in early afternoon..