Science Students’ Association
  • Following a long tradition of exchange and sense of hospitality, the Science Students’ Association (A.E.S) was born 30 years ago of a need to meet up and communicate. The association has developed over the years in order to better meet the expectations of its members. The association counts today for one of the main non-institutional meeting centres in the heart of the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies.
  • Members can relax around a pool table or playing table soccer, and have a sandwich or a pastry offered for sale by the managers.
  • Organized around a large friendly bar, the room can accommodate events such parties after thesis defences, conferences etc.
  • Open for members 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • We hope to welcome you soon for further information, a coffee break or a quick lunch.

Where to find us
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, Cafeteria of 2nd cycle building.

Office members
  • President : Gautier WIRTH
  • Vice-presidente : Marie-Therese GRILLET
  • Treasurer : Damien LOUIS
  • Secretary : Kevin BALDINI