Corporation of Nancy Science Students

  • The team offers the possibility to meet up with friends for a relaxing and fun time. To satisfy everyone, different evening events are organized.
  • The most awaited event is naturally the weekend organized before the start of the academic year. Other events include a range of entertainment activities : LaserMaxx evenings, themed dinners, nightclub evenings…
  • A cooperative store with various drinks and foods at a student rate is available in our premises: you can find sandwiches, hot-dogs, drinks and other nice appetizers if you want to eat with friends at a lower cost on lunch breaks or between classes. You can also come for a nap or just for the fun of playing card games or video games. We offer throughout the year the possibility to photocopy documents for a cheap price and we also distribute the records of previous exams so our members are successful students !
  • CENS is also representing the students in various boards and committees of the Faculty and the University, supporting their projects and expressing their comments and opinions.
  • In one word : CENS is all about positive atmosphere, a nice room to chill out between two classes and memorable evenings !

Where to find us
  • Our premises are located on the Entrance level of the 2nd cycle building, near to Auditorium 8 and right by the cafeteria (not the CROUS one).
  • The association is open at midday 11:45 am – 2:00 pm and later in the day, depending on the schedule of the volunteers having the keys.

Office members
  • President : Romain CHATY
  • Treasurer : Raphaël MERKLING
  • Secretary : Valentine SIX