Shared Gardens of Nancy Students

  • The organisation aims to create a community vegetable garden on a farmable plot located at the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, belonging to Université de Lorraine
  • We have been able to start working the land in December 2014 thanks to the help of numerous new members who have come to the inauguration of the site.
  • The purpose of our association is to grow fruits and vegetables in respect for the environment. Part of the harvested fruits and vegetables will be donated to Agoraé Nancy (a social grocery store for students) and part of them will be shared between the organisation’s active members (in the form of a friendly meal organized in partnership with the Phi Sciences organisation).
  • This way, we hope to contribute to the vitality of the campus by offering the possibility to students (and staff of UL) to (re) discover the vegetable garden while adding value to an unexploited site.