Funding and scholarships

Scholarships for Higher Education :

Scholarships on social criteria :

Scholarships on social criteria are awarded to students facing financial difficulties preventing them from undertaking or pursuing higher education. They come as additional support to the student’s family.
You are entitled to apply for this type of scholarship :

  • If you are French citizen or of foreign nationality if parents and dependent children have been living in France for at least two years.
  • If you are under the age of 26 on October 1st of the academic year (age setback for national service, maternity or physical disability) for a first request.
  • If you are enrolled in initial training in an institution of higher education.
  • You must apply on the CROUS (regional centre for student support) website of your regional education authority (“Académie”) from January, 15th to April, 30th before the start of the academic year. The request has to be made through the “Student Social File” (DSE) which will serve also for the housing demand in a university residence.

The amount of the scholarship is calculated upon the resources and parental expenses (family’s and/or student’s based on year -2) assessed under a national scheme, adopted each year by the Ministry of Higher Education. Once your case is considered, you will receive a note telling you if your request has been rejected or approved.
When registering at the University, you will have to show this notification at the “Service de scolarité” (Office of Education) so you can receive a partial exemption from registration fees and social security fees. You will have to provide certificates of attendance of your brothers and sisters enrolled in the higher education and also a bank statement in your name. The payment of grants can only take place after registration and is performed in nine monthly instalments. Your demand must be renewed every year.

Study allowances :

Study grants are awarded to students in one of the following situations :

  • Family rupture (situation confirmed by social evaluation),
  • Particular problems (divorce, separation, unemployment, illness),
  • Proven family independence,
  • Going back to school after the age of 26.

French students residing alone on the French territory while their families live abroad and cannot support them financially are also eligible for a study grant, subject to conditions.
Application files must be addressed to the social services of CROUS. After examination and opinion issued by a joint academic commission, the chancellor will decide whether or not allow the grant, as well as its amount. The renewal of a study grant is possible if the student’s situation is unchanged and meets the conditions which first allowed the grant.
Demands can be submitted anytime during the academic year.

Public Service scholarships :

Public Service scholarships are awarded to students attending an Institute or a Centre of Preparation for General Administration or preparing the entrance examination at the “Ecole Nationale de Magistrature” (National School of Magistrates).

  • They are awarded on academic and social criteria and on proposal of the Headmaster of the public institution, within the limits of an annual quota.

Mobility scholarships :

Students with scholarships on social criteria or on study allowances preparing a national diploma in some public institutions of cultural, scientific and professional interest (E.P.C.C.S.P) may receive a mobility scholarship for an academic year abroad. The duration of the scholarship cannot be less than three months and not more than nine months.

Research grants :

Allocated by the Ministry of National Education to doctoral programs, they are reserved for students holding a Master’s degree and enrolling for a 1st year of PhD.

  • Students with research grants can obtain an instructor position for a contribution of 64 hours of Educational Works (TD) or 96 hours of Practical Works (TP)..
  • This arrangement allows students to prepare their thesis in good conditions and to train for the teacher-researcher profession.

Exemption from registration fees :

The President of the University is empowered to exceptionally grant an exemption from registration fees to the students having made the request. Requests must be addressed to "Service de scolarité" (Office of Education) – Scholarships department, accompanied by documents proving the student’s insecure situation, including the opinion of the Social worker of the Faculty.

  • Exemptions as of right :
    • Beneficiaries of a teaching scholarship granted by the Government,
    • Wards of the State.
  • Students with a particular situation who can also benefit from the same exemption :
    • Refugees,
    • Workers deprived of employment.