Experience the faculty where it is pleasant to learn !

  • The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies (FST) is located in the southern suburbs of Nancy, in the townships of Villers-lès-Nancy and Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy. Within the Université de Lorraine, this Training and Research Unit (UFR) is forming with the UFR SciFA and MIM in Metz, the Collegium of Sciences and Technologies.
  • Many bilateral agreements with other European universities enable students to study a semester or a year abroad. Several courses are international as Physics integrated curriculum, built in partnership with Saarland University or other courses as Erasmus Mundus Masters built with consortia of several partner universities.
  • On the campus, students can study in excellent conditions: computer rooms, language laboratories, experimental platforms... With the experience and knowledge of 360 Professors, assistant Professors or lecturers and the proximity of excellent research laboratories housed on campus in which they can do internships, our students are trained at the forefront of technology and innovation.
  • The campus also houses the University Library of Sciences and Techniques. The Botanical Garden of Montet quite near is an extra teaching tool for students in plant biology while the Aquarium Museum of Nancy, accessible by tram No. 1 which serves the campus, can be used by students in animal biology. The educational resource centre AIP-PRIMECA Lorraine on the campus is used as experimental support for some of our training courses in engineering. It promotes the implementation of manipulations of an industrial nature. The close proximity of the University restaurant of the Vélodrome and student residences are additional assets facilitating studies. Lastly, the campus hosts a large number of students’ associations which contribute to the animation of the site and allow a rapid integration of newcomers.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies in some figures :

  • 100 000 square meters of premises
  • 1980 students enrolled in general bachelor’s degree ("licence")
  • 150 students enrolled in vocational bachelor’s degree ("licence")
  • 1500 students enrolled in master’s degree and PhD 
  • 15 research units
  • 383 professors and assistant professors 
  • 181 technical and administration staff