Logo of the Faculty

Logo of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies
  • The management team of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies held in late 2013 a competition open to the Faculty’s students and Faculty’s employees, for the designing of a logo. The Board of the Faculty has ranked in first position the submission of Sébastien Pascault, a first year student in Engineering Sciences (EEAPR) Bachelor’s degree.
  • To design this logo, the student has been inspired by an aerial photo of the campus which distinctly showed the highly original architecture of the Victor Grignard building (Victor Grignard won the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1912). The student took over the contours of the building and found in the symbol represented several analogies with the disciplines taught at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies: atoms for Chemistry, hard drive for Computer science, ABS brake for Automation and Electronics, planets for Geosciences, cell cycle for Biology. His logo has obtained all the votes of the Board.

The different versions of the FST logo
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