Master in Engineering Sciences and Materials Science

Objectives of the program
  • The M.S. in Engineering Sciences and Materials Science (SPIM) offers a high-level training in the fields of Mechanics, Materials, Metallurgy and Industrial systems engineering. Once they are holders of the degree, students can apply for jobs as engineers in the industry or service sectors or continue their education with a PhD.
  • This area of application has a strong international dimension enhanced by the introduction of an Erasmus Mundus program and numerous agreements and partnerships with foreign universities (Erasmus programs, dual degrees…).
    An international program (with all courses in English) will open in september 2016 in the frame of Laboratory of Excellence DAMAS.

Positioning and attractiveness
  • This training is supported by a strong center of expertise in Lorraine in the domains of mechanics, materials and metallurgy in connection with an important research environment and a sustained economic life.
  • Several projects for the future as the creation of the Technological Research Institute IRT M2P and of the Laboratory of excellence DAMAS are reinforcing the positioning of this M.S. among other promising programs in Lorraine’s area.

Structure of the program : 5 tracks
  • Physics and Chemistry of Materials (PCM, in French)
  • Erasmus mundus Advanced MAterials Science and Engineering (AMASE, in French)
  • Advanced Metallurgy (MET, in French) and DAMAS (Design and Application of Metallic Alloys for Structures, in English)
  • Mechanics and Materials engineering (I2M, in French)
  • Industrial Systems engineering (GSI, in French)

Job opportunities
  • Several companies evolving in business sectors such :
    - Mechanics
    - Materials
    - Metallurgy
    - Industrial engineering
    - Engineering and consulting
  • Careers :
    - Senior Manager in the Industry sector
    - Senior Manager in public industry
    - R&D Engineer
    - Researcher, teacher researcher (after a PhD)

Educational locations
  • Nancy, Metz