Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Continental Environments

Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Continental Environments (LIEC)

  • The Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Continental Environments (LIEC) is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 7630) created in January, 2013 by merger of UMR 7146 LIEBE, UMR 7137 LIMOS and UMR 7569 LEM (half of the staff).
  • The main objective of LIEC is to understand the functioning of the continental ecosystems highly disturbed by human activity, with the aim of their rehabilitation. In this context, we implement interdisciplinary research combining concepts and methods of environmental mineralogy, soil science, microbial ecology, colloidal physical chemistry, ecotoxicology, functional ecology.
  • LIEC activities are organized in five scientific themes:
    • Eco-dynamics and ecotoxicity of contaminants (EDEC)
    • Functioning of disrupted ecosystems (FEP)
    • Diversities and biotic/abiotic interactions (DIBA)
    • Theory and integrated modelling of systems (TEMIS)
    • Characterization and rehabilitation of artificial environments (CARMA)