Theoretical and Applied Energetics and Mechanics Laboratory

Theoretical and Applied Energetics and Mechanics Laboratory (LEMTA)

  • The Theoretical and Applied Energetics and Mechanics Laboratory (LEMTA) is a Joint Research Unit of CNRS and University of Lorraine (UMR7563). LEMTA employs around 190 people (Researchers, professors, Assistant-Professors, Engineers, technical and administrative staff, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates).
  • The lab is part of Jacques Villermaux Research Federation for Mechanics, Energy and Processes (FR2863) of Institut Carnot ICÉEL and is also a host lab for PhD students of the Doctoral School « Energy, Mechanicals, Materials» (EMMA).
  • A multidisciplinary vocation dedicated to Engineering Sciences
  • LEMTA focuses its research activity on Mechanics and Energy. Hosting three research departments (Reacting, Multiphase Fluid Media, Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Energy and Transfers), the laboratory's research is focussed on three main axis of excellence: measurement science in complex media, multi-physics/multi-scale modelling and multiphase media, which range from pure research to applied research and are intended to address the major concerns of the 21st century :
    • Deploying a significant research effort in order to offer a clean and efficient energy to ensure the energy transition,
    • Answering to major societal and environmental concerns,
    • Understanding the response of complex materials (solid or liquid) in the methods and systems.
  • All of these themes are based on leading technological platforms and on the development of innovative measurement techniques.
  • Involved in numerous collaborations with international laboratories, LEMTA works with many partner institutions, research centres and industry.